New Cult was founded in 1988 and initially operated as one of the most successful custom-made T-shirt shops in Athens. Today New Cult combines an established retail operation with a rapidly growing wholesale distribution.  The wholesale operations are all located in Glyfada and include head offices, showroom and storage. For the wholesale network, the company employs salespersons and carries out deliveries with its own means (trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, etc.). Carrying the experience throughout the years, we have built a solid network of sales, with over 400 active customer accounts. We hold two major networks of wholesales activity: one for street stores and one for fashion, casual stores. The current product range, on an exclusivity basis for the Greek market, includes the following brands: The selection of this product mix has been made on the basis of innovation, uniqueness and overall appeal to our audience. Furthermore, this is also the first part of the range that New Cult is putting together in order to be able to supply the complete range of products that a store needs, something that goes hand in hand with our plan of creating a self-sufficient and successful chain of New Cult stores.